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Sticker Fun (Sticker / Origami)
  • Sticker Fun (Sticker / Origami)

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    Sticker Fun (Sticker / Origami)


    Introducing Sticker Fun! A series of activity book that comes in 3 different levels for different age group. 


    50 simple and interesting sticker practice activity sheets, break traditional handmade paper art, encourage children to learn sticky and paste skills!


    Comes in three levels:

    Level 1 (beginner) (3+Years) - Tear out stickers and paste them freely on the template background sheet. Open ended play to create different scenarios. Stimulate creativity and imagination in your child!


    Level 2 (Intermediate) (4+Years) - Similar to level 1 where sticker tearing and pasting is involved to create different scenarios. But scenerios are now more challenging, to keep up with their increasing cognitive function. In addition, some of the activity involves simple cutting out of the images to create different scenarios.


    Level 3 (Advance) (5+Years) - Cut out shapes to make 3D scenarios and stimulate geometric and spatial cognition and thinking. Fold them into 3D origami and see them come to life!


    This sticker fun set is perfect for a child of 3-5 years old, as it is the golden period of brain development for them to cultivate imagination, observation and concentration.


    It aids full brain development through the scientific age-separation design of the 3 different level.  Pasting and cutting also exercises children's fingers and wrist flexibility, improving their dexterity and motor skills.


    The set has soy ink printing, hence is safe and non-irritating. Papers are thickened and easy to fold. Safe and fun!


    Perfect as gifts too!


    Please refer to the video for more information.

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