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MNTL Magnetic Tiles (108Pcs)
  • MNTL Magnetic Tiles (108Pcs)


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    MNTL Magnetic Tiles (108Pcs)


    Look at this beautiful pastel coloured magnetic tiles! It promises countless hours of endless open ended play for your child! Unleash their imagination with this amazing set of Magnetic tiles! 


     妓MNTL Magnetic Tiles - Endless magnetic tiles adventures for children who are gifted this super fun and engaging set. Not only do kids love putting together the tiles to make different creations, but they get to build their STEM skills at the same time.


    These magnetic tiles come in gorgeous pastel shades and are quality and safety tested, so that your child is getting only the best.


    妓MNTL Magnetic Tiles Sets are compatible with most major brands, including and not limited to Picasso Tiles, Connetix Tiles, Magna-Tiles and others magnetic tiles in the same size and with magnets in the same spot.


    Available in 108 pieces.


    每ompatible with most major brands of magnetic building tiles


    沁reat Kids Birthday or Christmas Gift Idea


    步uilds creativity, spatial awareness, hand eye coordination and more


    沒TEM (builds skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics)


    決atch with other MNTL Magnetic Tile & Extension Sets



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