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Lace & Thread Sewing inspired kit
  • Lace & Thread Sewing inspired kit

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    Lace & Thread Sewing inspired kit (2 Years and Up)


    Sewing involves gentle and precise hand movements, helping young children develop fine motor skills appropriately. Kids who practice sewing will know how to use their fingers properly, how to move their hands with precision, and how to hold and use small items with ease.


    Sewing can also teach them about patience in a subtle but very effective way.


    Introducing our sewing inspired kit - Lace & Thread Kit!


    Apply Montessori learning from the comforts of home. Practice sewing in a safe manner, without pins and needles. Thread the Laces Through the Hole to form cute patterns.


    Encourages the Use of Hand Eyes & Brain coordination.

    4 Pattern Threading.
    Teaches kids to follow simple instructions through crossing and spacing.
    Thick Panel and Reliable Quality. Suitable Size & Easy to Grasp for children.

    Real world training application for tying of shoe lace!

    Box Included:

    4 Character Wooden Board
    4 Different Medal
    4 Different Color Strip


    Available in 2 themes:

    - Occupation

    - Animal Party


    Please refer to the video for more information of how the kit works!

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