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Kids Handwriting Practice Kit

Kids Handwriting Practice Kit


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Kids Handwriting Practice Kit


It's time for school?! Not quite yet, but it's time to learn how to use a pen!


Introducing Kids Handwriting Practice Kit - A series of fun activities that will train your child to have greater control over the use of their fingers and hand, and guide their development in the use of a pen to write.


Three different levels (4 different activity books) to choose from, depending on their age and the stage of their hand control mastery. Refer to the images to have a clearer description of the various levels and the different skills that are focused on. 


It is crucial that a child masters the art of holding a pen and cultivates good penmenship from an early age. Common problems such as trembling of hands, the inability to write in a straight line and wrong pen holding posture can lead to bigger problems in school if left uncorrected.


The Kids Handwriting Practice Kit aims to resolve this problem, through a step by step guided approach, where scaffolded mastery based activities are employed to keep your child busy with fun games while improving their handwriting at the same time.


Markers come with an eraser, to allow for easy correction of miswritten words and drawing. 


Level 1 (Beginner): Finger Fun - Pen control skills

Level 1 (Beginner): Tracing Lines - Pen control skills

Level 2 (Intermediate): Dots to Dots - Learning and tracing out alphabets and numeric order

Level 3 (Advance): Pattern Recognition skills - Drawing of shapes


Each set comes with 50 tasks cards, 2 washable markers and other associated accessories.


Please refer to the video for more information.


Perfect as educational gifts too!


Give your child a headstart as they learn through so much fun! 

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