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English Flash Card Reader (224 Words)
  • English Flash Card Reader (224 Words)

    S$19.90 Regular Price
    S$14.90Sale Price

    English Flash Card Reader (224 Words)

    The Flash Card Recognition Device with built-in Pronunciation function is suitable for kids to understand thinking, perceive colors, and enhance logical knowledge. The reader introduces our child hundreds of words & its corresponding sounds, with each word card being pronounced accurately! 

    The flash card set contains 112 double-sided cards of 224 words, with 4 color flash card types. The card content includes animals, transportation and daily necessities, food, clothing, natural scenes, colors,characters, jobs and various shapes.

    Lightweight and portable!  No WIFI required and the child can learn anytime, anywhere! 

    Package Included:
    USB charging cable, manual, a set of 112 double-sided cards (224 contents)

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