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Lion Mountain Adventure
  • Lion Mountain Adventure

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    Dinosaur Railway Winding Electric Car Track Series 2


    Oh look at this Dinosaur Railway Winding Electric Car Track Series 2!

    Watch the cars ascend via the elevators and electric ramps, and go round the winding tracks as they make their way down the carpark / road. 


    Control the gantries and switching panels as you direct the traffic left and right. Watch the cars go by bridges, tunnels and service areas as they wheel around in ultra smooth tracks. 


     This can serve as an educational toy with dynamic sound and light that combines assembly, stickers, automatic operation and manual operation to developing your child's intelligence, coordination, creativity and dexterity.


    Our playset is made of safe ASB material, rounded-edge design without any sharp corners, smooth surface without burrs, no need to worry about hurting your baby's hands.


    This Dinosaur Railway Winding Electric Car Track is guaranteed to bring a smile to a child's face!


    Theme 5 - Lion Mountain Adventure (Comes with 4 cars)



    The pictures shown here displays the 2 different themes that can be connected together.

    Each theme is sold separately. 


    To see the other themes not shown here, please click:

    Dinosaur Railway Winding Electric Car Track Series 1

    Dinosaur Railway Winding Electric Car Track Series 3



    This is an ideal gift for children over three years old. The gameplay is diverse,  the components are safe, and the brains are stimulated. Children boldly explore the interesting world in the soft and colorful sound and light.




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