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Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Game
  • Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Game


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    Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Game (Age 5+) (Educational Game)


    Discover a world of fossils and dinosaur with this Dinosaur Fossil Excavation educational Game. Simulate the archealogical experience, as your child will play the role of an archaeologist to excavate and discover fossils of prehistoric dinosaur. 


    A hands on, exploratory game, that develop your child's patience, concentration, focus and dexterity. 


    Carefully selected Gymsum material is used, to ensure realistic but safe game experience. 

    Complete tools are provided, to chisel, scrap, dig and brush the Gymsum away to reveal the dinosaur fossils.


    Each set also comes with a full collage of cognizant cards, containing interesting information about the different dinosaurs and their history. Transparent stickers are also included.


    2 Dinosaur fossils to choose from:

    • Brontosaurus
    • Pterosaur



    Your child will be immersed in so much fun, time will just fly by!


    Perfect as gifts too!







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